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Projects by ROMV & Associates.

Owner Requirements & Engineered Solution - oriented concepts.

Catamaran ECOGALAXY, by ROMVYacht Ecogalaxy, Cruising catamaran with green concepts

The ultimate conception of green features and the latest design with ecological concepts such as reuse of water, efficient use of electricity by using protocols by operating areas, non organic or synthetic materials in most hull areas. This project is being built and details of its progress it will be soon published.

Yacht MajesticYacht Majestic, Engine, Transmission & Propeller upgrade to best performance

Consulting Project requested by GTC to increase the propulsion performance redesigning the system (engine - transmission - propeller) with vibration & alignment considerations before the drydock time. At delivery and sea trials the vessel had some problems regarding the performance, propeller/transmission overload and engine damage after a deep overhaul, the project scope was to avoid risk and to give the higher reliability in cruising trips around Galapagos Islands. This service is covered by activities inside the Engine Performance Analysis Brochuree, by ROMV Ship Design & Consulting®. To request more information please contact toROMV & Associates.


Asymmetric Catamaran, by ROMVYacht Infinity, Cruising catamaran with improved demihulls

Actually the unique Cruising Catamaran for the Ecuadorian Market with the maximum passenger capacity and optimized for lower demihulls interference at froude numbers less than 0.4. It is currently at basic design stage requested by one Owner.

Planing Craft Dynamic Stability Analysis, by ROMVBote Free Wind, Pruebas de estabilidad dinámica

Protocolos de pruebas de estabilidad intacta & dinámica, determinación de aceleraciones (RMS) de balance y levantamiento mediante adquisición de datos por acelerómetros uniaxiales, y experimentación en escala real de factores mediante cribado

Rational Decision based Analysis for Propulsion Engines, by ROMVFishing Boat Esmeraldas, Rational Decision based Analysis for Propulsion Engines

A rational decision selection to install onboard the propulsion engine fulfilling requirements of minimum weight, adequate rating, high output/rpm curves, low fuel consumption at rated speed and so forth to select the best option into the design space for dayly cruises between Galapagos Islands restrained by cost and time delivery. The overall measure of effectiveness was a function which maximum value considered indexes of fuel consumption, power & rating; the overall measure of risk was a function which minimum value considered indexes of reliability and failure probability, finally the selection oriented the Owner to choose the best solution (less cost/effective ratio & high reliability).

Catamaran Petrel, by ROMVYacht Petrel, 2nd Generation Optimized of Cruising Catamaran, PETREL

It is the second one of the 1st Generation Optimized Cruising Catamaran with measures of performances as passenger & social areas, range & endurance, seakeeping & movility and building strategy selected to be superior regarding efectiveness/cost index over the rest of catamarans in Galapagos lslands. The PETREL has been already ordered to ROMV & Associates for construction in 2013, 3 more owners are in conversations yet.

Riverine Speed Boat, by ROMVRiverine Speed Boat 35´

It has been designed to operate in rivers or up to sea state 2, it is a familiar recreation speed boat made of FRP with fine interior features. Currently it is ready to be built using spray up laminating method to lower construction time and ready to be contracted for local authority approvals. To request more information please contact to ROMV & Associates.

Catamaran Ocean Spray, by ROMVYacht Ocean Spray, 1st Gneration Optimized of Cruising Catamaran, OCEAN SPRAY

The Ocean Spray was totally built on march 2012 by ROMV, after 5 construction year and as result of many studies regarding hull, confort, building strategy an so on to have higher performance compared with other ones in Galapagos. The optimization process was shown in COPINAVAL 2011 and nowadays the Ocean Spray is cruising around the Galapagos Islands with many benefits given it preferences as newest & greatest catamaran in Galapagos.


Monohull Diving Yacht 38m, by ROMVMonohull Diving Yacht 38m

This project has been carried out to fulfill the extreme navigation up to sea state 6 around North Area in Galapagos Islands. It is completely designed to be approved by local authorities for construction and it is available in 3 versions based on range, endurance, speed & passenger requirements, all with a good seaworthiness monohull & superstructure design made of various materials. To request more information please contact toROMV & Associates.

GalavenPropeller Correction & Performance Analysis, Yacht GALAVEN

Consulting Project requested to increase the propulsion performance redesigning the system (engine - transmission - propeller) without vibration & alignment considerations while the boat was on drydock. At delivery the vessel increased 1.5knots after an overhaul to both engines & propeller pitch corrections. To request more information please contact toROMV & Associates.

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